Permanent Position (30-40 hours per week, including many weekends)

*Please email resumes to nicole@owlshollow.com with subject: ASSISTANT MANAGER POSITION by May 24th, 2019*

Duties & Responsibilities:

Being trustworthy and having excellent communication skills, an extroverted, social personality, along with strong organizational and leadership skills is essential.

Ability to multi-task is necessary.  We have 4 different sections at Owls Hollow: toy shop, yarn shop, playroom and coffee bar.  Assistant manager must be willing to learn & perform all of the duties in these areas and step in as needed.  Making sure each section of the store is running smoothly and being taken of, and if not, being able to jump into any of the roles when required.  

Ability to learn the coffee bar duties, including sanitization procedures for safety  hygiene standards, how to make espresso-based coffee drinks, smoothies, ice cream, etc.  

Although we have cleaning staff, at times everyone has to help with the cleaning and tidying.  The assistant manager has to have a willingness to tidy playland when necessary.  At times this may include vacuuming, mopping and picking up toys.

Likes being around children with a strong interest in learning and keeping up-to-date on kids interests, toys, games, hobbies.  

Meetings with & reporting to the store owner, providing feedback & input.

All staff scheduling, including finding replacements for absences and filling in for any staff members in case of absenteeism.

Staff training, motivating, mentoring and providing constructive feedback.

Dealing with all issues that come up from staff and customers (such as complaints and grievances)

Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent service.

Maintaining outstanding store condition and interesting displays.  Performing daily walk of entire store, playland and coffee bar.

Ability to learn & excel at our POS computer system.  Being able to handle deposits, returns, party bookings on the computer with confidence. 

Responding to emails, posting on facebook & instagram

Leading by example to create and maintain a fun, vibrant place for customers & staff to work and shop.

Assistant manager will spend the majority of their time (90%) working on the sales floor.

Additional duties as needed.

There will be a 2-3 month trial period for this position.

*Please email resumes to nicole@owlshollow.com with subject: ASSISTANT MANAGER POSITION by May 24th, 2019*