Blokus Shuffle Game Mattel

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It's the classic strategy game of Blokus™, shuffled together with a wild new twist. Blokus Shuffle™: UNO® edition includes action cards inspired by the UNO® card game that mix things up in unexpected ways.

  • Players still follow the one rule of Blokus™ – pieces must touch another piece of the same colour, but only at the corners – until the special deck of UNO® themed action cards start breaking all the rules!
  • When you play cards like Skip, Reverse, and Wild, you'll send the game in crazy new directions! 
  • The black game board for this special edition provides a striking contrast to the colourful Blokus™ pieces to give the game a whole new look.
  • For 2 to 4 players aged 7 years or older, Blokus Shuffle™ can become the new favourite game night challenge!
  • Makes a great gift for strategy game lovers. 

Ages 7+

2-4 Players

30 Minutes 



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