LEGO Batman Sticker Super Heroes and Super-Villains

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Who is the coolest Super Hero? Who has the best outfit? Who is the craziest super-villain? With this book, you decide!

With more than 100 stickers, you get to create your own book and decide which characters go where. Is the Joker the greatest villain of all time, or does Bane beat him to the top spot? Does Batman wear the most awesome outfit, or does Harley Quinn win with her crazy colours? Read the descriptions of each character and decide where you think they should go in the LEGO Batman Sticker Super Heroes and Super-Villains hall of fame. Featuring all your favourite heroes, villains, wacky weapons, and amazing gadgets and vehicles, this sticker book is perfect for young LEGO Batman fans!

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16 Pages

Ages 5-7

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