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Adventurous Pru is a real horse expert. Her father is a horse breeder and so Pru has been in contact with horses from a very young age. She knows everything about the right care, the right accessories and different riding techniques. In her well-equipped riding store, Pru sells everything a horse lover needs: saddle, bridle, horse blankets, grooming utensils - no wishes remain unfulfilled. Great tips and tricks for the ideal horse care are of course free of charge at Pru's. The Miradero Tack Shop is the store for all horse lovers in and around Miradero. Set includes Pru and a horse, a tack shop with cash register and shelves for riding accessories, saddle, horse blankets, brushes, bridle and many other great extras for horse lovers. The figure can ride the horse with her flexible skirt.

Includes: 1 Festival Pru; Animals: 1 horse; Accessories: 1 riding store with festival decoration, 1 counter, 1 cash register, 1 horse box with lid, 3 horse blankets, 2 western saddles, 3 reins, 3 halters, 2 boxes, 8 gaiters, 2 sets riding whip & horse brush, 1 set horse accessories (6 pieces), 1 hat, 1 jug, 2 bottles, 3 vials, 1 tube, 4 glasses with lid, 1 tin, 1 flower

Ages 4+

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