Quick Pucks Puzzle Game

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Ready to see how fast you can be? Go head-to-head with Quick Pucks, the quick puzzle-solving, take anywhere game!

Match the card image by sliding your pucks around in the tray and ring the bell before your opponent. Be the first player to solve 5 puzzles and slide your way to victory! Or challenge yourself in a race against the clock to complete the card patterns faster and faster each time you play. There are two levels of gameplay with Starter Cards for beginners and Tricky Cards for more experienced players. See. Slide. Solve.

  • FOR 1-2 PLAYERS: Challenge an opponent or the clock in this exciting pattern-play game. Rules for both types of gameplay included.
  • TWO LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY: For beginning players, use the Starter Cards. For more experienced players, challenge yourself and an opponent with Tricky Cards.
  • FAST GAMEPLAY: It only takes about 10 minutes to play a game of Quick Pucks. So c’mon, chill while improving your reasoning and pattern skills.
  • QUICK START, FUN AND ENGAGING: Take out the game components, read through the easy-to-follow instructions, then get ready to slide your way to a win!

Ages 8+

For 1-2 Players

Playing Time: about 10 minutes

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