Skyscraper Building Cards

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Bring the architecture of the metropolis to your classroom. Learn to utilize fine motor skills as you stack the deck to build high-rise towers, bridges or skyscrapers up to 5’ tall. The blueprint cards are designed to fold in half to make the stacking easier, and the orange steel beam cards are used for building up your levels. You’ll never see the city the same again as you start creating mammoth structures to rival the towers of Chicago. But part of the fun in this windy city is knocking the cards over when you’re ready to build something new.

Includes: 200 cards, 7.5″x 2.5″ (orange) (6.5 x 19 cm), 4- 5/8 x 4″ (blue) (10 x 11.5 cm) and guide.

Made in Canada

Ages 4+

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