Totally 90s Colouring Book

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In a world where everything '90s is back, from fanny packs and scrunchies to VHS tapes, Totally '90s Colouring Book offers the perfect combination of nostalgia and colouring fun, together in a hilarious and giftable package from the creator of the popular gift-item and stationery brand Hello Harlot.

Have you rewatched Clueless lately? Reminisced about the cool clear telephone you had in middle school, or tried to buy a vintage Furby on Ebay? If so, this is the colouring book for you! Perfect for anyone who loves colouring to take them to another world (and time!), this colouring book features pop-culture memories like the Spice Girls; illustrations inspired by classic TV shows like Full House, Family Matters, and Saved by the Bell; memorable trends like Trapper Keepers, Caboodles, and mixed CDs; and nostalgia-inspired fashion like butterfly clips, Rollerblades, jelly sandals, and snap bracelets.



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