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*If you have booked a party with us on a Sunday, please call to confirm your booking as soon as possible.  We experienced a technical problem with our Sunday bookings and require confirmation on all party bookings on Sundays*

Please call Nicole at (902)894-8800 or email [email protected]


We have different hours than the toy store  

Monday - Thursday 10-5pm

Friday 10-7pm

Saturday 10-3pm

Sunday 12-5pm 

Come on in!  Kids will have hours of fun and bring their imaginations to life. Kids can shop the food market and sort through all of the fresh veggies and make a quick stop to Grady’s Post Office. Be sure to remind them of their check-up, at Clara’s Hospital where they can see their x-rays and ensure a clean bill of health. Only a block away from the hospital they can pick up their pet from Lily’s Vet Clinic too, making sure their furry friends are healthy & ready for playing. The fun doesn’t stop there, along the harbour they can climb up Joshua’s Pirate Ship and get a nice view from above. With so much to see and do at Owls Hollow Playland, kids will have such a fun time filled with exploring, building, creating and playing.

Drop-In Admission: $9.57 +HST for kids (children under 12 months are free when accompanied by an older sibling). Adults are free.

Group Rates:

1+ kids $9.57 + HST
10+ kids $8.69

15+ kids $7.39
20+ kids $6.95

Please note that everyone in Playland must wear socks or barefeet - we don't allow shoes 


Playland tends to be quieter during the week.  If your child likes calmer spaces, weekdays will generally have less people playing.  We also have a wonderful Playland Coordinator named, Emily, who is at Playland Monday - Friday 10-3pm.  Saturday mornings are busiest, with parties going on and lots of kids from the public.  


Playland is the best place in town to host your child’s next birthday party. It’s not just a ton of fun for your littles but a great time for you and friends to catch up as well! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee from our coffee bar, grab a seat and chat while the party goes on. We offer a range of packages to suit.

Saturdays 4-6pm and Sundays 10am-12pm

Private parties are 2 hour bookings and the hosts are welcome to arrive 1/2 hour before the scheduled party, to get settled in.  

During a private party, Playland is reserved for your party and closed to the public.

Please call us at (902)894-8800 to book your private party and if you have any questions.


Friday 5-7pm and Saturdays 10am-12pm
Maximum 15 kids.
Playland is open to the public and the party room (food room) is private.


For more details or to book your party please call us at 902.894.8800.

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