Spot it! Camping

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Spot It! is a game of sharp eyes and lightning reflexes! There are only two matching symbols between any two cards. Spot It! first to win! Are you up for the challenge?

In Spot It! Camping features fun illustrated symbols related to the great outdoors and camping equipment. It's a perfect game to play around the camp fire during a family excursion. 

This release of Spot It! Includes rules in English, Spanish, and French!

  • SHARPEN YOUR REFLEXES: This fast-paced game challenges players to spot matching symbols between two cards first, perfect for enhancing visual perception and quick-thinking skills.
  • VERSATILE PLAY OPTIONS: Includes five distinct games in one compact package, providing endless entertainment and variety for players of all ages.
  • CAMPING THEME: Enjoy a fun, nature-inspired twist on the classic Spot It! gameplay, perfect for family game nights, camping trips, and outdoor adventures.
  • SIMPLE AND ACCESSIBLE: Easy to learn and quick to play, Spot It! Camping is ideal for 2 to 8 players, making it a great choice for gatherings and casual fun.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Packaged in an environmentally friendly Pocket Eco-Blister, this 2024 refresh of the Spot It! Camping Card Game combines sustainability with fun.

Ages 6+

2-8 Players

15 Minutes or less