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A room with various toys and dolls. Recording the beauty of everyday life, these lovely dolls will always accompany you growing up.

The design of Childhood Toy House DIY Miniature House DS027 is inspired by the colourful toy room. The room is full of cute and lovable small dolls and toys. It feels like every toy you can play all day, so you can forget your worries and enjoy a warm and wonderful time here. This miniature dollhouse kits uses warm pink and ivory as the main colours, with blue as an accent. Build it with your own hands and let these cute dolls keep you company!

Mini Creative Appearance: This miniature toy house is very cute and full of childish fun. Who would not like a room full of dolls, toy ornaments and gift boxes?

Easy Assembly (no colouring needed): All the miniature house kits in this series come with paints and don't need extra painting. Also, some pieces of the product are finished parts, which makes the assembly process more simple.

Perfect Gift for Kids & Adults: This product comes with beautiful packaging. It will be a great gift for both kids, adults and DIY lovers on birthday, holiday and Christmas.

Ages 14+

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