Farm-Opoly Game

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It's life down on the farm where players increase their profits by collecting Acres and trading them in for Big Red Barns. Full of country humour and an occasional fun fact, Farm-opoly is a celebration of a farmin' way of life.

Things that might happen while you play:

  • You may find yourself in a hog waller!
  • You may find that your cow is nothin’ but the runnin’ gears of a katydid!
  • You may need to stand and call the hogs!
  • You may find yourself cleanin’ stalls

It’s all fun and games until you’re sent to DROUGHT and out of the game for three turns. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be like life on the farm – unpredictable, and best with a good dose of humour. Gather family and friends and advance to GROW!

Ages 8+

For 2-6 Players

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