Lopi/Alafosslopi - Arctic Exposure/1232

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Alafosslopi or Lopi is a 100% Icelandic wool product spun in a loose, single-ply strand from the fleece of the Icelandic sheep. This ultra warm yarn is super bulky, yet has a light, lofty air to it seldom found in most bulky weight yarns. It is made up of two distinct fibres, one formed from long, coarse strands that are tough and water resistant and the other, a softer, finer fibre more akin to merino and providing softness and deep insulation. 

Alafosslopi is the original or traditional Lopi that has been used for centuries for hand knit sweaters and accessories. It becomes softer with regular wearing and careful laundering. Items made with Lopi yarn will be treasured heirlooms passed down through generations to come.

Fibre Content : 100% Icelandic Wool

Ball Size: 100g/100 metres

Needle Size: 6-6.5mm

Gauge: 13 stitches x 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Cold Water wash only recommended.


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