Microbites: Dinosaurs

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This nonfiction chapter book is chock-full of bite-size dino facts, black-and-white photographs, and CGI illustrations to dazzle and engage even the most reluctant reader.

The prehistoric world is vast, but Microbites: Dinosaurs breaks it all down into manageable chunks of information on need-to-know topics like dino diet, species identification, fossilization, and life after dinosaurs. Illustrations and photographs accent nearly every page, while highlighted text calls out important takeaways about each chapter topic, revealing new details about the amazing creatures that once roamed Earth. For further learning, kids can turn to the book’s eight-page reference section, where they’ll find a glossary, a paleontological timeline, and even a dino family tree. Whether they’re new to the prehistoric world or seasoned pros, readers will find plenty of fascinating facts to chew on in Microbites: Dinosaurs.


96 Pages

Ages 8-12

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