OPPI Stix 60pc Construction Toy

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Kids can build so much with Oppi Stix 60 piece set...Read more

Stix is ​​a free, modular construction game that engages children's creativity.

And for this, Stix hides a magical secret: the kneecap! By combining the half-spheres and the silicone tubes, children obtain a ball joint which allows them to freely orient and stabilize the constructions with the wooden planks! The silicone parts adhere to the wooden boards and allow endless possibilities.

Engages creativity - Stix unleashes the imagination  thanks to multiple combinations of games, free or guided. Children just have to let themselves be guided by their  limitless creativity

Food grade silicone

Modular system

FSC eco-responsible wood

Stix is ​​designed for the development of children's concentration and creativity It was designed in collaboration with education specialists : child psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc. It is scalable and therefore adapts to all ages! 

This collection helps build many skills including planning, decision-making, fine motor skills, visual identification and creativity

Ages 2 - 12