Pump Rocket Mini

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PUMP ROCKET MINI is a scaled-down version of our popular PUMP ROCKET. This one appeals to any junior astronaut (age 3 years & up) with visions of reaching the stars.


Countdown begins when a rocket is placed onto the end of the launch tube. 3, 2, 1 Blast off! Simply pump the launcher and watch the rocket lift off in a burst of speed and soar up to 30 feet into "space!" No worries about hitting the dog or a ceiling, because the ultra soft foam tips let them be launched indoors or out.


Set includes pump launcher and one rocket with stabilizer wings. Additional Extra Rockets are available separately (see link to Mini Rockets 8-pack, item #12924, below).


Approximately 19.5" long. Perfect for the little ones. Great birthday party favour. This is a fun little pump rocket for kids and adults alike.

Ages 3+

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