Rylee Bunny Blankie



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  • Our Bunny Blankie is made of 100% soft and cuddly cotton, designed to provide comfort and security for babies and young children.
  • The Bunny Blankie is a great tool for soothing and comforting the baby during bedtime, naptime or while on the go.


  • The blankie features a plush bunny head with a variety of textures, including a soft furry inside layer, providing different sensory experiences for babies to explore.
  • This Blankie is made of a soft and lightweight cotton gentle on baby’s skin, making it perfect for cuddling, soothing, and carrying around • Machine washable • Size: 36X20cm

Development Values

  • From around 6 months babies can develop a sense of separation from their caregiver. This can be easier to manage if your baby has adopted a transitional object that they can use for reassurance. A blankie or soft toy which is cuddly, familiar and which carries their parents’ smell can help baby to self soothe.

Ages 0+