Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Irregulars

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Sherlock Holmes is a cooperative game.

You and your fellow players are Wiggins’ Baker Street Irregulars, the London urchins who assist the mastermind detective in his investigations. Interrogate suspects, carefully read the newspapers, and go in search of clues throughout the London streets. When you believe you have solved the case, compare your findings to those of Sherlock Holmes.

Full, standalone game.

Sherlock Holmes calls on you to solve ten new cases. 

Will you rise to the challenge?


With this box, the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective range expands with ten new cases. Written by Dave Neale, a British Sherlock Holmes specialist, these cases will challenge all players.


This box introduces players to a clever system that calculates their progress throughout each investigation and places the Baker Street Irregulars at the heart of all cases.

Ages 14+

For 1-8 Players

Playing Time: 90 minutes

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