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EASY TO LEARN AND FAST TO PLAY - Shake the dice in the cup, then slam the cup down to get your 3 letters. Think of a word that contains the letters, then pass it to the next player who must think of a new word. Those who can't are out, so think fast!

  • BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY - Slam Words combines memory ability, vocabulary skills, and quick word recognition within a fast-paced, family-friendly competition. The more you play, the more words you'll learn!
  • TAKE FUN ON THE GO - With its small, travel-friendly size, and no pieces to lose, Slam Words is the ideal on-the-go game. Take it with you in a car, at a restaurant, on a plane, on the beach, or anywhere where fun is desired!
  • A FRESH TAKE ON CLASSIC WORD GAMES - With its travel-friendly size, simple instructions, and unique expandable cup, Slam Words is a creative way to play classic word games anywhere.


2+ Players

10 Minutes

Ages 8+

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