Smartivity Angle Drag Race

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The most amazing marble-based, Do-It-Yourself racing game.

Racing meets basic physics concepts, such as gravity, momentum, and angle of deflection. After assembly, race your cars, avoid the bombs, and be first to reach the finish line. Four different cars.

Each player chooses 2 cars and 2 lanes. Just flick the marbles and land them in your lane to push your cars ahead... Be careful, if your car lands on a bomb, you need to go back to start! Accurate control is provided with cleverly designed bounce plates helping you to target marbles into the racing lanes. This dynamic game has 2 different play modes that change the speed.

Learn the physical aspects of collisions and momentum while enjoying the thrill of racing.

• Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills

Ages 5+

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