The LEGO Games Book

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With 50 fun and easy games to play with LEGO bricks, families will spend more quality time together. Plus, the book includes exclusive bricks to get you started.

Looking for ways to spend more quality time with your kids? Want exciting screen-free activities that all ages can enjoy together? Build in some time for fun with The LEGO Games Book, packed with more than 50 activities, including puzzles, challenges, brainteasers, and games to do with LEGO bricks for kids 6 and up--and grown-ups, too!

Who can build the tallest tower in less than 30 seconds? Which team will win a no-thumbs building challenge? Can anyone solve the sliding brick puzzle? Get out your LEGO b ricks and put your family and friends to the test! The LEGO Games Book includes all the LEGO bricks you need to complete at least 10 of the challenges in the book. Packed with LEGO building ideas and activities, there's a challenge or game for everyone. Bring screen-free family fun home with The LEGO Games Book. You can build and play together to create memories that will last a lifetime!


Ages 7-11 Years

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